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Pay someone to take my online LSAT exam for me?

The Law School admission test or most commonly referred to as the LSAT is like any other test which is an internal part of law school admission among many countries of the world like the United States, Canada & others. It is a skills-based assessment you have to give & specially designed by the experts to test the analytical thinking ability, logical reasoning, writing skills, and critical reading for further success in the future with the Law-schools.

This test is accepted only for the purpose of admission to law schools that are accredited with ABA. For the LSAT preparation, you need to know some important things about the exam so that you will get the desired success in the correct manner. There are different sections associated with the LSAT exam with different time & questions allotted to each of them.

How the LSAT exam is administered? Can I pay someone to take my LSAT exam for me?

Basically, the LSAT exam is administered in two parts with the first part of it belongs to the MCQ’s and the second part is the writing essay to showcase the writing skills, although it is not scored section but still it is important for you to take make the most out of it.

The total duration of the LSAT exam

The law school admission exam consists of 5 sections of the first part (MCQ’s) and a single section of writer essay. Each section of the LSAT exam is of 35 minutes with 15 minutes of break after the completion of the 3rd section, so the total duration of the LSAT exam is around 4 hours including the break of 15 minutes.

The reporting times are fixed & administered by the authority, LSAC (Law School Admission Council) for the LSAT exam.

  • During the fall, December & February reporting time is 8.30 A.M.
  • During the June Session, reporting time: 12.30 P.M.

The time duration is pre-decided so that candidates can have a good preparation for the LSAT exam without being worried about the breakfast, together with an easy roadmap to the test centers. They can avail their breakfast during those 15 minutes of break with a water bottle & some snacks.

What is there on the LSAT exam? Can I hire someone for LSAT tutoring?

With the key skills you needed to get through the exam of LSAT, you also need to cover the following things for entry into your favorite Law-school:

Logical Reasoning (2 parts)

This logical reasoning section is divided into two parts for testing your skills regarding evaluation & analysis of the arguments. This section has the topmost weightage of around 50% in your scorecard.

Analytical reasoning or Logic games

The weightage is almost 23%, with this analytical reasoning section you need to draw the conclusions from a given set of arguments. The test is designed for analyzing your mind behind simple calculations or basic logic with the general system of outcomes or orders. This section can be challenging for many students due to its behavior.

Lsat online exam

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Reading comprehension

Unlike any other reading comprehension based exams, with the LSAT you need a clear understanding of passage’s purpose, structure, and its clear point of view, rather than simply the facts. It covers 27% of your total LSAT scorecard. There will be 5-8 questions on each set of passages, with a total of 4 passages for you. Out of the 4 passages, one passage is “paired passage” in which you can be asked to compare & contrast the given passages. For most of the candidates, this can be the toughest part of this section.

Variable section or the LSAT writing section

This section can play like a wild card for you in the Law school admission test. The LSAT test making authorities use this section to judge how questions will perform on the future LSAT examination. However, it is not a scored section but still taking on a good note can help you a lot.

Scoring in the LSAT exam

The LSAT exam has a scoring range of 120-180 with weightage assigned to the LSAT score is not less than equals to 50%. The moment, on which you receive your LSAT score, you will have:

  • An LSAT scorecard showing total your score in the range of 120-180
  • An important range of scaled scores or “score band” which is above & below your total score
  • Taking the whole population of the LSAT test-takers in mind, you will receive a percentile score to rank your performance.

What happens upon receiving the LSAT SCORE? Online Tutoring by Tutors Umbrella?

The LSAT score will arrive via your email, just 3-4 weeks after your test date. The score will only be received by the candidate who applied for the exam together with applicable law schools. If you have taken the LSAT exam for more than once then Law schools will watch all your scores earned by you in the last 5 years. Apart from that if you have canceled your score withdrew or not shown on test administration, all these things can be seen by your law schools.


Process of canceling your LSAT score

With your LSAC account you can cancel your LSAT score after that you can’t see your LSAT score again. If you have multiple cancellations then this might affect your admission into the law-schools. LSAC reports the separate score, average score, & your cancellation to your preferred law schools. There is no limitation on the number of times you get through the LSAT exam right now.

How authorities use your LSAT score

While your LSAT score is the true determination of your entry into the law schools. The LSAT committee takes a closer look at your LSAT score for the identification of your skills regarding the success in law schools for the future.

Most of the time, law schools uses the “index formula (weightage of your LSAT score plus cumulative GPA)” for the determination of the candidate’s potential. In most of the cases, the LSAT score accounts for greater than 50% of the decision regarding the admission. However, your outstanding score in the LSAT examination will not give you a guaranteed admission in your favorite law school but the low score can possibly keep you out of the competition.

Homework or Assignment Help

Cost for the LSAT exam

If you want to take the LSAT exam then it will cost you around $200, including the written essay-based exam. Apart from that, you need an extra $195 for the registration with credential assembly service or CAS. The credential assembly service is a service used to keep the transcripts, recommendation, and other valuable docs you required by you when applying for the multiple law schools. It is like a central repository for access by the preferred law schools when reviewing the profile or application of a candidate. Tutors umbrella provides best online tutoring for LSAT.

Process of registration for the LSAT

With your account in LSAC.org, you can start your registration process or you can rather choose to call at 215-968-1001 between 8.30 A.M. & 6.00 P.M. (European times), on weekdays from February to September and between 8:30 a.m. to 4:45 p.m. (ET) on weekdays during March to August session.

Want to change the LSAT exam date?

Before the deadline you can change your LSAT test date under a current testing year, in case you are not able to change the date then you can withdraw your registration for the LSAT exam & then reapply for the future dates. However, there is a charge decided on the change of date and it is around $125. You can go to the website of LSAC.org or go through mail/fax for the change of test date.

The time required for the preparation of LSAT

120 hours of dedicated studies can give you a chance to get entry into Law schools. Practicing on the test format & required skills will give you initial boost up then you can increase your test preparation & practice timing. However, it is best to have 150-300 hours of preparation for the LSAT exam over the last 2-3 months. You can break down this time into the section of 20-24 hours per week study. If you are taking the help of LSAT online test preparation or private coaching for the LSAT exam then it might be the right time but if you are preparing for the LSAT exam with your own then you need extra time & effort. Tutorsumbrella can help you in this regard by preparing the schedule on a realistic approach.

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The benefit of a good LSAT score

LSAT is a big exam and can be a golden ticket for your entry to the law schools. With a strong GPA and LSAT score, you can head start your journey for becoming a proficient lawyer. Passing the LSAT exam shows, how strong you are with logical, analytical, written & reading skills. You can enjoy your success in a brighter way with your favorite profession.

The digital way of taking the LSAT exam

The digital LSAT exam is just the same as hard copy based LSAT exam, only the difference is with the digital LSAT exam you are using the tablets instead of booklets. The tablets provided to you at the test centers will have the same structure, questions & duration as the paper-pencil based LSAT exam. The digital LSAT exam can be a great tool to consider with benefits like timer, 5-minute warning system & other highlighting features to keep track of questions, a candidate might want to visit again.

LSAT preparation online

Under the most specialized & prominent services, you will get the experience teams of great LSAT teachers that can provide you multiple online learning solutions to easily crack the LSAT exam with your desired goals.

Why choosing Tutorsumbrella?

  • Whole day test for giving an exam hall experience
  • Great features with expert help
  • Unique preparation guidelines under a single platform all at your comfort & with personalized study materials.
  • Experienced staff to provide you different learning strategies to get through the exam & score great marks
  • We have superior plans to execute the LSAT exam preparation.
  • Highly qualified, engaging teachers in a great environment for students.
  • Take online tutoring for LSAT from best professionals.

How we can help you in cracking the LSAT exam?

In our approach different ways to clear the LSAT exam can be:

Paid Online Tutoring

With Tutorsumbrella’s online tutoring services you can get multiple classroom programs designed specifically for the law students with various practice sessions.

Through admission Consultants

Great yet expensive choice but you will be assured to get top class studying experience with dedicated staff and full proof guidance for entry into the top law schools.

Take the help of multiple test kits

The test kits can deliver you improvised score with better management of time in your LSAT exam.

Online test preparation guides

Best study material, comprehensive study tools, and hours of teaching with the subjective knowledge about LSAT exam sections, you will get strong support on your verbal, analytical & written skills.

Pay Someone to Take My Online LSAT Exam?

With Tutorsumbrella, it can be a guaranteed return, but at the same time under the jurisdiction & strict rules/regulations, this option for taking the LSAT exam on your behalf is not feasible. Taking online help regarding taking my online LSAT exam for me, there might be some consequences to this & even resulted in the termination of your chances. It might be possible with paid services & reliable software installation under the unique IP address.

LSAT online courses

Our LSAT courses have a higher return of great scores with LSAT on the high demand online classes.

  • With experienced staff, personalized study material & guidance will be delivered
  • Strategies to boost your thinking and analytical abilities for the test
  • With best instructions, you will have 32 core hours of training
  • 180 + live online classes from LSAT YouTube Channel
  • On-demand contents for watching them later on your precious time
  • Hundreds of hours of sessions for the online practices
  • Filter your course with the specified subject-teacher combination
  • For studying at your comfort, set of preparation books or customized materials
  • Great feedback & support 24x7
  • Every set of LSAT question ever released
  • By enhancing your strength & focussing on the weaker sections, we have suitable schedules.

Expert designed practice sets

Get the 5 full-length tests with around 2000+ questionnaires of LSAT exam for 180 days. With the tailored material like this, you can practice on the go for deep knowledge about every concept.

Complete study package

If you wish to avail a full set of qualitative & reliable study material with effective strategies under the different variety of contents then we have suitable study packages for you in terms of video contents, audio contents, and live sessions. The complete test package has around 2400+ questions with a set of rules & strategies to clear the LSAT exam.

What is there in our course for the LSAT exam?

  • Diagnostic test- To identify the strength & weaknesses of candidates
  • LSAT logic games (Analytical Reasoning)- Strict sequencing games, logic-based puzzles, selection games, LSAT reasoning, formal logic.
  • Logical Reasoning (First part) - For getting strong on the arguments based questions
  • Logical Reasoning (Second part)- Assumption based logic puzzles, questions
  • Reading Comprehension- To strategically solving the Reading passages
  • Logic Games (Second part) - For getting strong in loose sequencing, Hybrid games, distribution, and matching.
  • Logical Reasoning (Third part)- Non-argumentative questions
  • Final Full-length LSAT test to deliver you a feeling of exam center
  • Planning of strategies & reviews after the test

LSAT tutoring? You can take LSAT online tutoring via Tutors Umbrella!

The LSAT tutoring guide by the Tutorsumbrella will deliver you:

  • Starting from a minimum 10 hours for up to 40 hours of extensive private tutoring on 1 to 1 basis
  • 80+ self proctored practice exams of full-lengths
  • Two books for preparation with around 399+ hours of dedicated online sessions
  • 100’s of hours of high-quality on-demand instructions
  • In-Person course

LSAT intensive

  • Personalized support to increase the score
  • Build up strategies with a fast approach to solving questions
  • Best study schedules
  • Rigorous & rewarding online programs
  • Best team of proficient teachers in your support to give answers on real-time

Our 4-weeks of LSAT intensive course has:

  • Structured 120+ hours of instruction for the LSAT over a scheduled of 4 weeks
  • 8+ hours of nonstop 1-1 tutoring
  • Supplementary instructions with our LSAT Channel
  • Digital practice under the LSAT Prep+ subscription


How do I cancel my LSAT registration for the refund?

Under the refund deadline related to your test date, you should send a signed & complete refund request form in PDF format to representative authorities for the partial refund of your fees.

Is it possible to withdraw the LSAT registration after the expiry of the refund deadline?

It is possible, you check the status at LSAC.org account of yours, and you will see a notice there once the deadline for the refund has passed, the night before the test. After the withdrawn process, no refund will be entertained for your LSAT registration.

Strategies to study for the LSAT?

It depends on the candidate’s preparation & the style of study with the current schedule. However, the best way to get through the LSAT exam is by taking the help of a planned & dedicated approach towards the methods that can work suitably for you. You can choose your comfort in ways like online tutoring, self-studies, and live sessions, but the practice is more important in every method.

The total time I need to stud for the LSAT?

Again, it depends on how you start your preparation with a better approach and a clear mindset. As the LSAT is a skill-based exam so you need months of preparation to learn some effective strategies to pass the exam correctly with a good score.

Sort of questions you will see on your LSAT exam?

You will see 3 types of MCQ’s with LSAT exam:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Logical reasoning
  • Analytical reasoning or logic games, to measure your reading-writing skills, complex problem-solving skills, and the ability to evaluate different arguments.


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