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Pay someone to take my online GED exam for me?

The GED exam is the widely used exam to showcase the candidate's efficiency & readiness for the college or any other career option. This made up of around 4 sections or tests that are designed by the experts to measure your reading, thinking, and writing & problem-solving abilities. If you are 16 & above & are not enrolled in the school yet then this exam can be beneficial for you as it can assess your proficiency in the high school standard subjects. It is an opportunity for getting more education, better salaries jobs, and better rewarding career.

About the General Educational Development Test or GED

The GED test can help you in showing your applied skills & knowledge in relation to the specified situations. The GED exam is equivalent to the high-school diploma.

What is there on the GED exam?

The GED exam can take around 7 hours of yours that covers a total of four primary class-based high school subjects. You can take your GED test on the computer but not online. In some cases, you can also give the paper-based exam over the basis of your accommodation. Further test procedures are given on the website of GED.

GED Sections:

GED exam is consisting of the 4 subjects or sections:

  • Reasoning: The first section of reasoning subject through Language Arts comes with the total timing of around 2.5 hours, including 10 minutes of break. The section has almost 50 + questions that can take around 45 minutes to get completed.
  • Mathematical Reasoning Section: This section has almost 40+ questions, and can roughly rake 2 hours. There will be some calculative questions in which a calculator can be allowed inside the exam hall.
  • Social studies: Has almost 30-35 questions with the total timing of 1 hour, 10 minutes.
  • Science: Total time duration you will be provided to complete this section is 1.5 hours with 30-35 questions.

The registration process for the GED exam

You have to logon to GED.com for the creation of your personal GED account. In the next step, you need to select the test center. All over the United States, you can find more than 3000 centers, some of them are operational under local school boards, community colleges, education centers. You can find your desired center under the website of GED so that you don't need to hustle at last hours. You can also call upon the registered number of the GED authorities- 1-877-392-6433.

What is the best GED score?

The scoring criteria for the GED exam depend on how many numbers of points a candidate has earned with each section. Your GED scorecard will not be decided on the basis of how many questions you have corrected. Each section has a different number of points. The number of points among the different test forms will be the same but the number of questions may vary. The total score you will get in each section is then totaled to arrive at the standard score that has the range of 100-200.

The final GED transcript or scorecard has standard scores together with the percentile ranking. The percentile ranking is then ready to have a comparison with the graduating high school students, if you can achieve 60% or higher with comparison to the graduating high-school students then you will get your equivalent diploma.


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How GED is scored?

Each GED exam section has a score range of 100-200. The four sections of the GED are:-

  • RLA
  • Mathematical Reasoning
  • Social Studies
  • Science

Few things are important for your GED exam:

  • Each of the sections has a different number of questions with different point values.
  • Your final score will get decided based on points rather than on correct questions.
  • You have to earn min of 145 points with each subject, for passing the overall exam.
  • Regardless of your other subject scores, if you haven't scored 145 & above in any subject then you have to re-take it.

Here is the list of the total number of points, each section has:

  • Reasoning (Language Arts)-65 raw points
  • Social Studies-44 raw points
  • Mathematical reasoning- 49 raw points
  • Science-40 raw points

Who can take the GED test?

The GED test is designed for those who wanted to have an equivalent high school diploma rather than a professional diploma. The GED exam might look easier option for getting the high school diploma but you have to give your best shot for clearing the exam.

GED preparation by Tutors umbrella

Choosing the Tutors umbrella for GED

  • We have the best teachers for the GED preparation
  • With us, you can boost up the strategies for clearing the GED exam.
  • Practice sessions are designed as per your schedule
  • Single platform for learning with a great preparation guide

With our preparation guide, you will be able to have a clear understanding of the concepts & skills desired to pass the exam.


After getting the preparation guide by us for your subject of reasoning through language arts, you will get:

  • Strategies to draw conclusions from the texts
  • Able to assess the author's tone, effectiveness of the arguments, and point of view.
  • Able to identify the purpose, central idea & supporting evidence for the text
  • Skills to identify different plot elements of the text
  • Rectify the symbols & themes of the text
  • Strategies to write clear, grammatically correct & concise sentences
  • Able to organize different ideas into the sentences, essays & paragraphs.
  • Able to write a strong thesis

Guide of Tutors umbrella for mathematical reasoning will deliver you:

  • Tactics to use the scientific calculator
  • Able to solve problems & write answers with the help of decimals, scientific notation, fractions
  • Able to read tables & graphs of various kind( line graphs, bar graphs, pictorial-graph, bar graphs, frequency tables, circle graphs, histograms, etc)
  • Able to simplify, subtract, add, multiply & divide polynomials
  • Order of operations
  • Able to solve problems using the quadratic equation
  • Problems on probability, combinations & permutations
  • Perimeter & area of any 2D shape
  • Evaluating the volume & surface area of any 3D shape
  • Determining the line graph, line's slope

With social studies guide, you can:

  • Analyse historical texts, in terms of point of view, evidence & argument.
  • Interpret historical statistics & data
  • Clear cut examines the cause & effect of all historical events

GED Science section guidance will deliver you:

  • Proficient with the scientific methods
  • Application of statistical knowledge related to the scientific problems

Before scheduling the exam, you need to have a proper practice & preparation guide with you. With the help of tutors umbrella for GED, we can provide you a realistic approach to proceed with the GED preparation and accurate strategies to get through the GED in the first attempt. With the evaluation of the GED pre-examination test, we can deliver you the best approach & time you need to get ready for the D-day. You can make use of practice tests of tutors umbrella for best learning.

Homework or Assignment Help

GED Self-paced

The tutor's umbrella's self-paced GED preparation guide will be able to cope up with the flexible exam-oriented pattern & questionnaires in the best possible way.

  • With Tutors umbrella's on-demand & high-quality guidance, you have the freedom to choose your time & test preparation guidance without any hesitation.
  • We will give you a money-back guarantee to pass the GED exam.

Expert opinions

For many years we have been delivering candidates a superior approach that revolves around the technology & curriculum to get pass the GED exam under the instructions of quality teachers.

  • With the Good quality GED Online Test Preparation classes, you can have in-depth knowledge about all 4 subjects for effectively sharpening the weaker sections & going ahead in the competition like no-one.
  • More than 150+ videos to explain the GED exam concepts with the 100+ practice questions.
  • Realistic practice-based test experience including the self-assessment test for establishing the balanced performance
  • A full-length test to prepare yourself for the test day

Customized plans

  • Under the smart technology of tutors umbrella, you can analyse your performance to improve yourself for all 4 sections.
  • Exclusive reporting formats will deliver you smart reports to guide you on-demand
  • Technical support 24x7 with the expert faculty & self-paced access at low cost

Course materials

  • The GED preparation guide of 2020 will deliver you the comprehensive, in-depth explanation about all 4 subjects
  • Set of practice questions to meet the objective of GED preparation
  • Practice questions are determined by the GED's quality education & experienced teachers in a focused & self-efficient manner.
  • The video contents are device-oriented to run perfectly on the desktop, laptop & mobile phones for better convenience

We Will Do Your Online Class

GED online live tutoring

  • We deliver you everything you needed for passing the high school diploma exam, GED.
  • With live on-demand preparation, guidance brings you the live-streamed, interactive & quality learning experience.
  • Live & recorded sessions of GED preparation so that you can attend the classes from anywhere & at any time.
  • 60 to 90 minutes of live sessions to cover up the important concepts of Maths, science, social studies & RLA.
  • Customized solutions to each & every problem related to subjects like mathematics, RLA, science & social studies.
  • Options to get the desirable contents via email
  • Highly-rated tutors umbrella's teachers are available for your help 24x7.
  • A video library of live & pre-recorded sessions for the better approach & convenience on the go.
  • Online classes are available to you with the maximum flexibility

Why taking GED live sessions with tutors umbrella, will be helpful?

  • Complete test materials with the whole-day test so that you can have the same experience as sitting inside the exam center.
  • Exert opinions on every matter.
  • Custom-made preparation guidelines at a single platform with great comfort & personalized study materials.
  • Timely delivery of unique learning strategies for all subjects of GED
  • Proper plans to execute for the GED preparation.
  • Qualified, engaging staff with a positive environment for the candidates

GED Books

With tutorsumbrella preparation guide & e-book study materials, you will get a good start for the preparation of GED. The preparation book has many things to offer you like:

  • Tips & tricks for the preparation of the GED exam.
  • Basic of all four subjects so that you will get yourself comfortable with the full course of the GED exam.
  • Planning & strategies to start your preparation.
  • A full-length GED test to determine your key strength & weakness under a SWAT analysis.
  • Contact details for further sessions & for clearing the doubts

Best Tips you can have for the GED exam:-

Before going ahead with the GED exam, you need a few tips & tricks, so that you can go ahead with solving the questions right away.

"ANSWER EVERY QUESTION" on your GED exam day

As there is no negative marking or penalty of marks for the wrong answers so you can do guessing work also if you are not aware about the question at all or if you are having no time to solve that particular question. At the extra time, you can check the flagged questions to answer them later.

GED, mathematical subject tips:

With maths subject, simplicity is the key so keep your forms consistent & choose what to recall or memorize the few important formulas before the start of the maths section.

GED, reasoning with language arts (RLA) tips:

You need to read the passage carefully & completely and don't waste time on reading the irrelevant data, only focus on reading objectively. Even before reading the passage, you should read the prompt first. Look for the commas in the passage.

GED, social studies subject tips:

Paying clear attention to the author's opinion in the passage will be beneficial for you in the GED exam. Don't get so much involved in names, dates, graphs, charts. Reading the newspaper for effective passage reading & writing will be good enough for the GED exam.

GED science tips:

For the science section, you need to manage your time by being attentive to the examples in the text. Don't waste your time in charts, graphics. Along with this thing, preparing good enough for physical science will be beneficial.

Benefits of GED test by tutors umbrella

Internationally recognized

The professional nature of the GED exam will give you a diploma of higher secondary school exam and that certificate is valid for almost each & every university of the world, at the same time it is duly accepted by the 85 plus countries, across the globe.

Why considering the GED exam?

  • GED is a globally recognized higher secondary program or diploma from a trusted company.
  • This certificate will be beneficial if you want to attend any university in your country or any other country in the world.
  • If you wish to get your exam results of higher secondary quickly with transcripts, as your date for attending the University for Registration is touching the deadline.
  • Accredited by a trusted company with the build-up of relations & trust in almost 90 countries globally.
  • Deliver you both career & educational opportunities, if you are not a citizen of the US.
  • You can achieve something better in your life with the boost up & confidence you take home with the GED certificate.
  • Rather than waiting for the specified dates of the exam of higher secondary, you can take the GED exam at any time, when you are completely ready.
  • GED is the most effective, affordable & flexible program you can have.
  • You can apply for the desired job or even get yourself promoted in a good position after receiving the GED certified qualification.
  • This, the high school equivalency diploma can let you earn $9,000/year on average as compared to people with no diploma at all.
  • Your education is not going to stop you from getting a higher position in your life in a respectable manner & self-sufficient manner.

GED Testing Service

The GED high school equivalency diploma can help various US adults achieve a better & comfortable future with the credential of the GED testing service. Whether it is about going to college or getting a good job in your life, the GED has fulfilled the dream of many US adults. It is more than just an examination as it helps you in getting the innovative solutions for the betterment of lifestyle.


How much time do I have to deliver for the studies, regarding my GED exam?

Three to four months of preparation will be good enough for starting your GED exam. The total time you need for the preparation of the GED exam depends on your schedule & how serious you are about the future. Planning for the GED test in advance before the commencement of GED test dates, with the clear line-up of online sessions, live study material, self-studies, or coaching, will be profitable. At the same time if you are planning to give the GED test from one of your neighboring states then you need to consider touring time with a better schedule.

How much does it cost to give the GED test?

Different states have different examination fee for the GED test, but at the same time, there is s fixed amount of fee associated with the GED testing service of $20/ subject. The total fee for the GED exam may vary between $80-120. There can be other expenses too in terms of traveling to the other state, study materials you purchase for the preparation, online tutoring, etc.

What are the different GED contents for the preparation?

While considering your GED exam preparation, you need to brush up a few things based on each & every subject. For the mathematics section, you need extra preparation as lots of calculation & practice is involved in it, no matter how strong you are. You need good command over the local language or the language you consider the most for reading and writing.

How many Computer-based GED question formats are there?

There are 7 formats available for you with the computer-based GED exam to test your abilities & skills for the betterment of your future. The formats are:

  • MCQ (multiple choice questions) comes with 4 choices
  • EXTENDED RESPONSE format, with well developed & well-supported Responses to the passages/graphics
  • FILL-IN-THE-BLANK format- to type a word, number, phrase in the box provided
  • DRAG-AND-DROP format to move words, objects, numbers across the screen.
  • HOT SPOT format for students with click on the graphics seen on your computer
  • SHORT-ANSWER based question format to write paragraph/ explanation/ graphics
  • DROP-DOWN format for selecting menus on the screen


Well-aligned & dedicated preparation

Tutors umbrella can deliver you well-aligned preparation under the supervision of qualified teachers. They give you the best tools to work on your strategies, weaknesses so that you will get good marks.

Completely amazing GED book

The book helped me a lot in clearing my doubts with little efforts of mine. The book has brought me a little closer to the preparation that I was searching for many years.

It was great fun learning with Tutors umbrella

Good online preparation guidance & self-study course pushed me in achieving my desired goals of life.

The book is self-explanatory

With completely different strategies to evaluate the arguments under the best explanation & practice tests, the book has a lot to deliver to you. It helped me in motivating other people too for fulfilling their dreams with the help of the GED test, under a planned, superior & quality education by the tutors umbrella.

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